Challenging misleading healthcare claims.

CNHC Campaign: one final push

clockWe've had a great response to our campaign from many of you, with one person submitting more than 20 websites he found making claims that go against the CNHC's advertising guidance and the ASA's CAP Code.

But we'd like more — as many as you can give us — to show that the problem isn't confined to just a few practitioners.

So, either submit complaints yourself or send them to us:

  1. Find a few minutes over the weekend or the coming week to look up one or more CNHC registrants near you.
  2. Check their website for claims you think breach the CNHC advertising guidance, their therapy descriptors and the ASA's CAP Code and advice (essentially just about any mention of a medical condition).
  3. Fill in our very simple online form and hit 'Submit'.

That's it! We'll take care of the rest.

This is a great and simple way to support us and do your bit to curb misleading claims.

Click here for further information or go straight to the form to get going.

10 May 2013