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Red Tape Challenge Survey deadline extended

herbalpillsWe've had a great response to our Red Tape Challenge Survey on the regulation of homeopathic and traditional herbal products, despite the initial technical hitch!

Thanks to all our supporters who have completed the survey and given us their views — they will help us formulate our response to the Government's Red Tape Challenge.

Although the deadline for the Government's Challenge ends on 12 April, there is still time for more of our supporters to complete our survey so we're keeping the survey open until midnight on Tuesday 10 April.

Unfortunately, these consultations are frequently a bit of a numbers game, with weight given to quantity rather than quality when decisions should clearly be made on the strength of the evidence and argument, so if you are one of our supporters, make sure your voice is heard by completing our survey now.

Individual responses

But we also need as many supporters as possible to submit their individual views. We know you are all capable of it, so why not take some time out this holiday weekend and tell the Government what you think of the regulation of homeopathic and traditional herbal products?

You can do this by responding on the web pages for homeopathic products or traditional herbal products, perhaps challenging some of the views expressed there.

Alternatively, you can submit your response directly to the Red Tape Challenge.

Thanks again for all your support.

Our Red Tape Challenge Survey has now closed.

Thanks to all our supporters who contributed.