Challenging misleading healthcare claims.

About The Nightingale Collaboration

The Nightingale Collaboration was set up with the help of Simon Singh to challenge misleading claims in healthcare advertising, to share our knowledge and experience and to encourage anyone who is concerned at protecting the public from misinformation in healthcare promotion to join us in challenging it.

Together we can work to improve the protection of the public by getting misleading claims withdrawn and those responsible held to account.

We will do this by challenging misleading claims made by practitioners on their websites, in adverts and in their promotional and sales materials and subjecting these to scrutiny by the appropriate regulatory bodies and striving to ensure that organisations representing healthcare practitioners have robust codes of conduct for their members that protect the public and that these are rigorously enforced.

Tools and resources

Nightingale Collaboration has tools, resources, advice and guidance available to volunteers, some of which are also publicly available to anyone who wants to act wholly independently.


We have access to various experts who can advise us on legal matters and supply authoritative advice on scientific evidence to use in our campaigns.


The Nightingale Collaboration was initially set up with funding from science writer Dr Simon Singh, but we now receive no funding.

We would stress that we receive no money from any commercial companies, including pharmaceutical companies.

For further information, see our FAQs.

Alan Henness

Maria MacLachlan

Directors, the Nightingale Collaboration